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Narrated Introduction by Karen Mead with Audio Demo

Gary Farmer Special Original Music Product Sample

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Guitarist-Singer-Songwriter DAVID SODEN has been very active promoting his debut seven-song CD release “Border Bolero,” which was recorded and produced here at NMP. Not a dude to rest on his laurels, he is now putting the final touches on his second NMP CD project. Musical samples and more info can be obtained by visiting his new website.
Check out these links for detailed information:

David Soden/ CoolWater CD's Website
David Soden's new webpage
David Soden's new praise of Gary Farmer
Gary Farmer's resume on David Soden's site
David Soden's debut CD song samples
David Soden's old homepage
David Soden's old praise of Gary Farmer

Several NMP recordings produced for lyricist BILL SOWMAN can be heard by visiting his poetry and sound listings at http://www.postpoems.com/members/kojak24/ or Preview the songs directly by clicking on the following links:

Crazy Over You
Evolution (musical theme)
Runaway Heart
My Temperature’s Rising

Some NMP creations for Dennis John Peyton can be previewed
by visiting:
or navigate directly to the song links for:

Twentieth Century Tycoon
Waiting For You
Someone Else's Song

DOUG PRICHARD is preparing to record a praise album at NMP in the near future. His musical prowess can also be witnessed in the theme music he wrote for the cable TV program called “The Boathouse Show”, which was recorded at NMP. Check out http://www.boathousetv.com for listings and musical samples (browse to THEME MUSIC link at bottom of page).

Long-time NMP singer/songwriter talent
MIKE DABNEY has recorded a lot of hot material at NMP over the years, and is long overdue for product release, which he is now in the process of constructing.

RON ELLSWORTH has been very actively recording his CD project at NMP for an upcoming release.




Newly installed and active at NMP is a brand new all-in-one multi-track digital audio workstation. The Roland VS-2480 is comparable to a screaming state-of-the-art “big studio” broadcast quality monster. Your talent, combined with Gary’s production skills and this equipment can put you on the top of the charts for a fraction of the price big studios charge! This 24-track, 24-bit, 64-channel marvel interfaced to a new 384 Mhz 40Gig HP computer, featuring STEINBERG’S CUBASE VST Software, professes awesome features like: simultaneous playback of 24 recorded audio tracks (from 392 possible recorded virtual tracks) plus 32 MIDI tracks; non-destructive drag-and-drop editing with 99 levels of undo; automated motorized faders; direct access scene memory locators (no tape rewind time!); on-board FX, EQ, and Dynamics processing; Project back-up, Audio Mastering direct to CD; and Musical Scoring, just to name a few features of this awesome beast!

STAY TUNED FOR UPDATED NMP INFO. I look forward to seeing you here in the studio...

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